Monthly Archives: February 1999

Uneventful Sunday

Today was overall yet another uneventful Sunday.

GU won their second round game against St. Mary’s and play Santa Clara tomorrow night. A win will send them into the Big Dance! I think it’s completely lame that they have the tournament at Santa Clara every year.

Cleaning And Basketball

Today I’m going on a serious apartment cleaning spree. For some reason I woke up at 6 AM this morning and actually got up rather than going back to sleep.

I’m even thinking about finally getting Linux up and running on my other machine!

The Ferris boys basketball team beat LC 51-39 yesterday to win the GSL district championship. Nice job guys!

More Hoops

Last night Ferris came away with a 40-30 victory in a defensive battle against Gonzaga Prep.

Lewis & Clark beat up Central Valley in a surprising 55-36 upset.

Rubber Chicken III commences at 9pm tonight in the Spokane Arena.

Design Tweaks

I’ve started fiddling with the sidebar and I’m running up against the ever so annoying browser implementation differences. IE 4.5 for the Mac doesn’t recognize the fact that I’m overriding the sidebar link color (it should be white, not blue), while Netscape Navigator 4.07 gets that part right, but munges the sides of my nested table. As Dave Winer always says Still diggin’!

Found a fix for things.

Tonight at 5:30pm Ferris plays G-Prep in the Spokane Arena.

Pier 1 Imports

It sure has been raining a lot the last couple days. I like it!

Today I decided to stop off at Pier 1 Imports on my way home and work on improving my apartment decor. I’d only been thinking about going there for oh, about seven months. I picked up a couple picture frames and a table cloth.