Monthly Archives: February 1999

Scouting Hoops

It looks like I’m going to be taking over the GU School of Education’s web site.

Tonight was the first round of the district playoffs. The Ferris boys had a bye tonight since we finished second in league so my dad and I went and scouted the Gonzaga Prep vs. Shadle Park game. It was tied at the half, but Prep pulled away and won 62-52. They will be our opponent on Thursday.

Steve’s Birthday

I was actually in Seattle again for most of the weekend!

Today is my good friend Steve Wilhelm’s birthday!

Weekend recap: A couple week’s back Steve’s most excellent girlfriend Holly and his sister Robyn hatched a plan to throw a surprise birthday party for him Saturday evening. I thought it over briefly and decided to fly into town for the event since I’d driven over the previous weekend.

Jesse picked me up at the airport Friday and dropped me off at Holly’s apartment. I hung out there and ate lots of chips until Holly had to go in to work at the Market Theatre. I went with her and got to see Unexpected Productions Theatre Sports. That was completely awesome.

Saturday I slept in and hung out with Holly until she had to take off for UW On Cue, a drama program she’s involved with. I ended up reading and snacking until Robyn came to pick me up and smuggle me into her apartment which is in the same building as Steve and Jesse’s apartment actually.

Once we got to her place, Robyn and I went into a decorating frenzy, inflating (and popping) helium balloons, hanging crazy streamers, and finally placing stars and planets all over the ceiling.

In the end Steve was surprised, the party was a success, and a fun time was had by all. The highlight of the night was of course Holly’s dance with the Han Solo cut out!

Regular Season End

Both Ferris boys teams closed out the season with wins yesterday.

Nice job gentlemen! I didn’t think this year’s JV team could top last year’s 19-1 season, but by bouncing back from a season opening loss and winning 20 straight, breaking 100 points once, and going undefeated in league they did just that. Now it’s time for the Second Season.

I got an email back from Anneke and she definitely rates high on the Jason coolness scale : ).