Monthly Archives: March 1999

End Of Season Team Dinner

Today we finally had the end of season team dinner at Applebee’s. It was okay, but it wasn’t quite the same as when they follow the last game of the year. Actually it turns out it will be the last dinner of its kind since the school district has determined that dinners such as this are an improper use of ASB funds.

NCAA Hoops Championship

Yet another college basketball season came to an end when UConn beat Duke. What a great year of basketball.

I forgot to mention Futurama yesterday. Pretty good overall. Bender rules!

Parent Trap And Mod Squad

It snowed this morning. That’s fairly typical for spring weather in Spokane, but I thought that it was especially ironic since I took off my studded snow tires yesterday. It melted rapidly though and didn’t hinder my driving.

I finally saw the new Parent Trap this afternoon. It was a very cute movie. I liked it a lot.

This evening I saw The Mod Squad. There was a lot of walking around with attitude to cool/funky music by the three young stars and not a whole lot of substance, but I enjoyed it.