Monthly Archives: April 1999

Videos With Kristen

No bike yet, but today was definitely a most excellent day anyway!

I test drove Kristen’s new means of transportation and watched a couple videos with her. Home Fries was basically lame I thought, while Gattaca was as good as I remembered it being.


My bike is in UPS shipping limbo. After calling Wheelsport just about everyday this week I decided to leave my name and number and let them call me when my bike arrives.

I’ve got a headache and I’m tired. Hopefully I will be able to get to sleep decently tonight. I’ve woken up well before my alarm most of this week despite not being able to fall asleep immediately when I go to bed.

I didn’t see her race, but I hear that Nichole PR’d with a 12:17 in the 3200 today. Nice Job! It had to be the cd right?

Lunch With Father Spitzer

Still no bike. Sigh

I got to sit by Father Spitzer, the Gonzaga University President, at lunch today. He’s a pretty friendly, high energy kind of guy. He also has a definite geeky quality about him, which is both endearing and disconcerting when you consider who he is.

Breanna and Kellie came to visit Dale at lunchtime, so I got my weekly dose of Veggie Tales. Breanna is definitely a little jumping bean these days.

Reflections On The State Championship Game

I’m off to a an early start today for some reason.

I was going to go to bed early last night, but then I started reading GEB last night and then I followed that by writing down assorted random thoughts about my day (which took quite a while given all the things I had on my mind).

I watched the first half of the State championship game we lost to Walla Walla. It wasn’t particularly enlightening, but it did refresh my memory about a few impressions I had at the time.

I don’t think we ran any offense other than straight motion and we weren’t effective doing that at all against their defense. As things went from bad to worse in the first half our players started having more and more mental lapses and doing a lot of uncharacteristic things.

Chernobyl Virus

Today was supposed to be the big Chernobyl virus day, but nothing really materialized at work which was definitely good.

I called Wheelsport to see if my bike was here yet, but alas it sounds like tomorrow or Wednesday will be the magical day.