Monthly Archives: May 1999

Talking To Mary

I didn’t think to check my messages until I came back into my apartment after putting a load of laundry into the dryer. Sure enough there was a message from my lovely girlfriend Mary. She had actually called at 10 AM this morning while I was at work just to say hi and tell me she was safely in Chicago.

It was really nice to hear her voice and know that things were okay at her end. Oddly enough just after I finished that last sentence I ended up taking a three or so hour break from updating my site to talk to a certain someone in the windy city. 🙂

Computer Saving Day

Today was Jason saves the day for his family and friend’s computers.

First I went out to my family’s house and got their iMac working again. That was fairly painless since I’d already started the previous day before leaving for more pressing engagements.

After I got done with the iMac I headed back into town to take a look at Brian’s computer. He’s never been able to connect at speeds greater that 21.6kbps with his internal modem. After fiddling with settings and running 3Com’s phone line test we determined that he has two problems. His phone line and the internal modem itself. So I’m not sure what he’ll end up doing.

I ate at Taco Bell twice yesterday, mainly because they’re having that Phantom Menace contest and I want to win. Yes, I know I have no chance.

The strangest thing happened while I was waiting in the drive through while getting my dinner at Taco Bell. I looked in my rear view mirror and the girl driving the car behind me totally reminded me of Mary. She had similarly cut red hair, and although her eyes and nose were in shadow her chin, jaw, and mouth seened amazingly similar.

Strange coincidence… or something else entirely?

While fiddling around with Kristen we discovered that I had managed to get a little sunburned yesterday during my 15 minute walk from Speedy Auto Glass back to my office. I was wearing a white t-shirt and the rays must have gone straight through to my shoulders and neck.

Searching For Owen Meany

I went out to my family’s house to find my copy of A Prayer for Owen Meany so Mary could read it on her trip to Chicago and found out that their iMac had some issues.

The bad part was my initial attempt to solve the problem only made things worse! I ended up starting the system software reinstall process and promising to return the next day.

I managed to get my windshield replaced this afternoon to the tune of $172. Good thing I had been planning on doing it for a while.

Mary’s Chicago Trip Mix

The weather has been great all weekend, but I’ve actually been staying indoors and doing other things for most of it. Hopefully the weather will continue through the rest of the month.

I ended up staying up really late working on a CD for Mary before she leaves for Chicago. I think it turned out really well though so it was worth it.

New Windshield Time

I went out to my family’s house to visit with Kristen for a while this afternoon. I installed some nifty graphics programs for Kristen to play with while I was trying to come up with a cool cd graphic design.

At some point I got the brilliant idea to go out and shoot a few baskets.

Unfortunately for me (and my car’s poor windshield) I missed one too many shots and pretty much finished off my already well cracked windshield. Looks like it’s time to finally replace it.