Monthly Archives: June 1999

Thursday Update

I helped Ann Hutton get her new grape iMac up and running. I definitely liked the purple case.

Mary came over and hung out for a while tonight. I introduced her to StarCraft, but unfortunately I couldn’t get Conan working properly on the Apple II emulator I’ve been playing with. That was annoying.

Summer League Update

I took Mary to her first couple Ferris summer league basketball games tonight. We started out the evening with a Team I victory over Shadle Park I in an overtime game where they played as poorly as I’ve seen them play this summer.

In the second game Team III ended up losing by about 10 to Lakeland.

My dad finally got to meet Mary as well which was good.

Pirates Of Silicon Valley

Ferris II beat G-Prep II by about 20 tonight and I assume that Team I beat Medical Lake (they were playing at the same time).

My mom finally got to meet Mary this evening when we went out to pick up the tape my parents made of Pirates of Silicon Valley.

Pirates was pretty good I thought, although it definitely over dramatized some characters and was factually incorrect in some ways. Still I think it did a good job of capturing the essence of the times and people.