Monthly Archives: October 1999

The Story Of Us

Not only is today Halloween, but it’s also the first day after daylight savings time. It always seems to take me a little while to get in sync with the change when we start monkeying with the time of day. Now I’m probably going to be getting hungry before I leave work the next week or two.

I saw The Story of Us this evening. Today’s high: spending time with my girlfriend. Low: having to go into work to restart the email server.

Prior to the movie I saw a much more in depth Toy Story II trailer than I had up to this point. I’m definitely looking forward to it based on what I saw. I think November and December are going to have a lot of strong movie offerings this year.

Cougar Football Memories

It’s time for a little college football!

With it being as close to Halloween as it is I hope Butch has another one of his nifty costumes (kind of ironic to have a costume for a costume now that I think about it). In past years he’s been Dracula and done battle with a guy dressed up as Frankenstein.

Speaking of Butch and costumes. In 92 during the infamous “Snow Bowl” Apple Cup against the Dawgs he dressed up in a Santa Claus suit and had a dogsled/sleigh pulled by guys (including myself) dressed up as pseudo-Washington Huskies. Ahh memories…

Microsoft Announcement

Uh, oh. It looks like today could be a big dayfor Microsoft. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with this, especially since Microsoft is part of the Dow now too.

Hmm… I guess the big announcement isn’t going to happen until next week sometime.

Ars Technica

Today was Jason discovers Ars Technica day. Lot’s of useful information on BeOS, PC motherboards, and even Windows NT there. Plus they even talked about Macs in a reasonable fashion in several of the articles I read.

When I get a chance at work I’ll have to go over some of these tips on the server in my office.

Gore Bradley Town Hall Meetings

Tonight Bill Bradley and Al Gore had the first of several planned town hall meetings. I forgot about it until just now, so I missed any chance of seeing live, although I don’t have cable anyway. Luckily for me CNN has it on Real Audio. Check it out here. I like Senator Bradley quite a bit, but one of his responses on how he would pay for his fairly expensive health care proposal struck me as a little bit funny. He talked about saving money on administrative costs through technology and moving things off of paper and onto the Internet. The Internet has a lot of potential in this area, but I don’t think bandying buzzwords pays the bills. It’ll be interesting to see if he has a more in depth explanation of how this would work.

In other Internet related comments during the meeting, Vice President Gore apologized for his well publicized gaff when asked to discuss his biggest political mistake (he indicated it was one of the first things that came to mind of the many he’s made). Thinking about his open source website still brings a smile to my face.