Monthly Archives: October 1999

Rain In Spokane (That Doesn’t Rhyme)

doppler radar of Spokane vicinity It’s finally raining here in Spokane after a very dry September and October. Image courtesy The Weather Channel.

Of course at work today I had to haul a printer all the way across campus and then back again in the rain. And it especially figures since I just washed my car for the first time in ages on Saturday. Ahh well. I love rain.

MacOS Updates

Here’s a Washington Post review of MacOS 9. I’m not in any particular rush to upgrade from Mac OS 8.6 as it’s been working just fine. I’m much more interested in the MacOS X client that should be coming out sometime next year.

Here’s a recent Q&A regarding MacOS X in MacWeek.

Axodys Blogger Edition

Today marks the day that I finally blogger-ized my weblog. Obviously there still may be some tweaking to do, but I’m hoping not too much.

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my site consistantly, but I’m planning for that to change. We’ll see what happens.

On an amusing related noted I discovered the bump blog last weekend and enjoyed reading it and its past entries quite a bit. Sure enough, as if some dark conspirancy was plotting to steal joy from my daily existence, it hasn’t been updated since Monday. Oh well, I can relate.