Monthly Archives: November 1999

WTO Update

Police used pepper spray and tear gas on incoming protestors. It’s completely crazy in Seattle right now. My friend Steve works in downtown Seattle and he mentioned seeing a cloud of tear gas waft by where he works this afternoon.

The sad thing is all the violence and rioting that broke out today completely undermine any legitimate protests. What a mess. I wonder how long it’s going to take downtown Seattle to recover once the conference is over?

Hmmm. Looks like Nedstat is broken right now. I tried to check the hits for my weblog and it told me I didn’t have an account with them. Since I knew Lake Effect used this service as well I tried its link and came up with the same result. Lame.

Toy Story II

Where does the time go? I totally intended to have an entry yesterday, but between sleeping in and visiting family and friends for two dinners I completely forgot by the end of the day.

I finished off the day yesterday with a trip to the theater to watch Toy Story II. I enjoyed it even more than the first movie.

Look out! Here’s all the information you need to turn your favorite plastic brick based toys into a wargame!