Monthly Archives: November 1999

End Of Days

Whew! Looks like Blogger is finally back up and running properly. I was all set to do some serious linking early this morning (I have the day off since I worked all day Sunday), but I was running into some scary looking ODBC query errors.

I’m debating whether or not to go catch the first local showing of End of Days, the latest Arnold vehicle. I guess I’d better decide pretty quickly here since it’s showing in an hour.

I took the plunge and went to the first showing. Epinion: End of Days

Link Fun

Got a question about Mathematics? Go to the CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics. Everything mathematical from Abacus to Zsigmondy Theorem.

Holy site personalization! Nike’s starting to let you customize your shoes online. And that includes putting a Nike approved eight character identifier on the back of the shoes!

MacWeek has part two in a three part series on installing and using LinuxPPC. I’m hoping to play with my LinuxPPC box tonight, we’ll see if I can fit it in.

I’m taking Mozilla Milestone 11for a spin and it seems to be working fairly well. There are still clearly some things to be ironed out, but it’s looking like Microsoft hasn’t won the browser war yet.

Apple Cup Time

Well, it’s Apple Cup weekend here in the state of Washington. Today’s game will be the 92nd meeting between the WSU Cougars and the Washington Huskies. Unfortunately I’m going to have to miss the first half because of basketball practice.

Speaking of basketball practice- yesterday I was made painfully aware of my lack of physical conditioning when I had to take part in several basketball drills and full court play with the Ferris JV team. Too much computer time the last several months I think.

Back to the Apple Cup: Washington coach Rick Neuheisel’s comments on the 1999 Apple Cup.

Up to the minute stats on Apple Cup 1999. Game time is 12:30 pm PST.