Monthly Archives: December 1999

List Of Lists

Lists, lists… everywhere lists! Seems like everybody is coming out of the woodwork up with some list or other to ring in the new millenium. In that vein here is a list of lists:

  • Slashdot has a list of new years resolutions from various people with some form of connection to their site.
  • Here’s one person’s list of the top ten centuries of the millenium.
  • If you want to keep on top of Y2K on an international level CNN has a list of worldwide Y2K sites.
  • Wired has a list of their tech people’s predictions for the coming year.
  • Suck has a list of comic strips they’d like to see go the way of Peanuts in the coming year and offer suitable replacements as well.
  • Here’s a random list of famous people’s quotations.
  • A list of the 100 most influential people in cinema.
  • A list of the 100 most influential people in history and their religions.
  • Almost last and certainly not least, here’s a list of cool stuff at Penny-Arcade, my own personal favorite local Internet comic!
  • Finally, a list of all things Mahir related.
I’m thinking maybe I should come up with my own list. Hmm…

End Of Year Plans

It’s the final countdown! Now if only I could get that old Europe song out of my head… Anyway I’m planning on staying home for the big change over myself. And with all the snow that we’re getting in Spokane right now, I’m betting more than a few people may change their minds about going out.

I’ve been going a little Python crazy lately. Last night while renting a few new years eve movies at the local Hastings I discovered they had a copy of Programming Python and snapped it up. I’ve pretty much decided to make Python my language of choice for right now. We’ll see how that goes.

The Century’s Most Spectacular Failures

Lest we get too full of ourselves with all the many accomplishments of the 20th century, Wired announces a list of the century’s most spectacular failures.

I started off the day by discovering my car was a little bit lower on gas than I thought it was. Still, it was far better to discover this while it was warming up than halfway through my drive to work. And luckily for me I was still able to catch a ride in with my girlfriend.

I know lips! Half the reason I ended my holiday hiatus today was to announce to the world that I managed to get five out of seven on this nifty lip identification survey I found on Turly Ming.

Day Off During The Holidays

Boy, I take the day off from work and it just disappears on me. Of course I did do some reading for a while, but the biggest time eater had to be a certain couple first person shooter demos…

Got to see a new G4 first hand yesterday. My friend Steve’s dad picked it up as a little Christmas gift for himself. Very nice refined machine. I definitely prefer the graphite gray of the case to the G3’s blueberry.

Fast Company gives their analysis of five major web news sites (CNet,,, and The Industry Standard) in concise table form . I only read two of the five regulary myself.

Random Stuff

Another day, another weblog entry…

My friend Steve is in town so it’s time for some network computer gaming! He’s been talking up the Mac release of Heroes of Might & Magic III and based on Inside Mac Gaming’s preview it looks fairly appealing to me.

Tycho and Gabriel, two fellow Spokane-ites best known for Penny-Arcade, have a new take on Dickens’ Christmas Carol over at Gamespy. Amusing reading for the computer inclined as usual!

It’s looking like we’re going to miss out on the classic white Christmas here in Spokane based on all the weather forecasts I’ve been hearing and seeing online. For some reason I was expecting quite a bit of snow this year during the winter months, but it certainly hasn’t happened yet.

One interesting thing I noticed about Mozilla Build 12 for the Macintosh yesterday is that it seems to render font point sizes at the same size most Windows machines see things. I’m not sure if that’s a bug or a feature. It does make reading a surprising number of sites easier, Eatonweb being the first that pops into my head.