Monthly Archives: December 1999

Mozilla, Hubble, E-Voting

Looks like Mozilla Build 12 is finally available on the ftp servers (hasn’t been publicly acknowledged on the main page yet). I’ve heard good things, but I doubt it’s to the point where I can put away my current browsers. I can always hope though.

The repairs on the Hubble telescope begin tonight. Hopefully the procedure will go a lot more smoothly than the mission’s launch schedule did.

Looks like the Arizona Democratic Primary is going to be testing the Internet waters in March when it pioneers online voting. I think this is an important step in the right direction, as long as electronic voting is made secure with strong encryption. Whether that is true of the system they’ll be using remains to be seen.

Monday Update

Work today was totally dead. That wasn’t too bad because it gave me a chance to fiddle around with Python. It’s definitely a nifty scripting language.

Even cooler I stumbled across PUB (Python Universe Builder) a set of Python modules for creating interactive fiction games. I haven’t had a chance to experiment with the modules yet, but it looks promising. Probably not as rich and full featured as TADS or Inform, the two major IF oriented languages I’m familiar with, but intriguing none the less.

I’ve always wanted to create (write?) a text adventure along the lines of the classic Infocom games. Someday…

After an evening filled with shopping I am nearly done. Yes!

The Iron Giant

I think I’m finally just about recovered from all the shopping that I did earlier today. Thankfully, I’m much closer to being done as well.

My girlfriend and I had planned to go to today’s GU basketball game against Montana, but apparently too many people were free to attend the game this afternoon and we were turned away at the door. I didn’t mind too much since the Bulldogs had already beaten Montana once this season by 16 or so, and missing the game allowed us to do some additional shopping.

I just discovered an interesting cross platform XHTML related product over at It looks like they have some fairly interesting stuff in the works there.

I succeeded in doing a little bit of shopping yesterday, and it looks like I’m about to do some more here. I still have quite a bit to get done in this coming week unfortunately.

I picked up The Iron Giant on DVD while I was shopping yesterday. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s a great animated film with something for kids and adults. It’s also one of the first films to fully integrate a CG character with traditional animation, and does it quite well.

Weblog Fun

While thinking about how unmotivated I feel about going shopping this afternoon I decided to put Google to use on the word “motivation”. Serendipitously I discovered that Duke basketball coach Mike Kryzewski has a motivation section on his basketball coaching site.

With it being the holiday season and everything, this piece by Brad L. Graham had to be included in my weblog!

I’m exploring the idea of moving Axodys fully into Manila. The main question I’m looking at is whether to have my site hosted by one of the new Manila oriented providers or to shell out the money and serve the site off one of my own computers. I can see advantages to both systems and will have to continue to mull things over.

Of course I may just decide to stick with and blogger for now too. It’s kind of a matter of figuring out where I want to go with Axodys. Any thoughts on the subject are of course welcome.

Friday Update

At last Friday is here! Work was pretty dead today (finals are over), but I got a really great meal (excellent value) at Cafe Roma, a local Italian restaurant, when we had a goodbye lunch for a staff member who’s leaving.

In gaming news the Mac Quake 3 Arena Demo has finally arrived. Download all 45+ MBs at your leisure. It also looks like the retail version should be available in early January 2000.

A Penny-Arcade [solution to the UT vs Q3 debate][2]!


Y2K preparations yet? I’m planning to do full backups of our two main NT Servers at work before shutting them down for the weekend, but I’m not planning to be in the building that weekend. I heard on the radio this morning that 70% of people polled planned to stay home on New Years Eve and hotels have had to drastically discount the pricing on their holiday packages just to attract guests. Two weeks to go!