Monthly Archives: January 2000

Monday Monday

I don’t suppose anyone knows whether the built in modems on iMacs or Lombard model PowerBooks support Caller ID. Feel free to drop me an email if you do. It just occurred to me today that since I have Caller ID it would be fairly cool to whip up a little REALbasic program that announced who was calling. I suppose that even if those internal modems don’t support it I may have an old external that does.

I was surprised to wake up to a light skiff of snow this morning. Didn’t realize that was in the cards at all. Of course tonight we’re supposed to get a few inches of snow turning into freezing rain in the morning. With the steep hill outside my apartment that inevitably means I’m going to be hearing a lot of spinning tires tomorrow morning when I wake up.

Super Bowl Sunday

Jamie Zawinksi has updated his site with step by step instructions on how to construct a large cd rack out of plumbing pipe. Not only does this turn out to be an expensive proposition, but it doesn’t even work all that well.

I was hoping for a competitive game, but this year’s Superbowl ended up being a little bit too close for comfort since I was rooting for the Rams. Still, games like this are a lot of fun, especially when your team comes out on top.

I wonder how long it’s going to be before we see the Kurt Warner Story on television or in theaters?

As is typical for the game there were many enjoyable commercials (an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one now that I think about it) and as anticipated a ton of dotcom oriented ones as well. I thought the one during the second half with a few typewritten sentences telling how pathetic they were at making commercials, was unfortunately truth in advertising. Not only did they have a crappy URL (not catchy enough) that I can’t remember for the life of me, but they only showed it twice. Sad. Slashdot offers in depth coverage.

Saturday Surfing

Hmm, Saturday’s almost over. But then I suppose that’s obvious.

I think hearing about Dave Winer’s experiences at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland has been pretty cool. A lot of people in weblogging circles are pretty down on him, but I have a lot of respect for the guy and what he’s doing for webloggers and the Internet as a whole.

It’s going to be fun watching the Super Bowl though. I always enjoy the new commercials, since they’re usually a step above the typical television advertisements we’re bombarded with.

Learning To Program As A Boy

Userland’s Brent Simmons talks about learning to program as a boy. I first started learning about programming on my old Apple IIe at around the same age as he did, but for me it’s always remained something I’ve just fiddled around with. I’m looking to change that in the future though.

Considering how little serious programming I’ve done in my life I have an insane number of O’Reilly books. I should pull out my trusty digital camera and take a picture of my bookshelf.

Break Out The Funny

I was starting to think Etherlife was never going to be funny again after the last couple weeks. Thankfully Zach came back strong this week and allayed my fears. I especially enjoyed today’s bit of geek humor.

Mozilla Milestone 13 is ready to rumble. Hopefully this version will have fixed some of the keyboard command issues for the Macintosh.

I’m still annoyed that IE 5 for the Macintosh isn’t ready to go yet.