Monthly Archives: March 2000

Bench Comic

Today was a really nice day weather-wise, but I didn’t spend all that much time enjoying it as I was stuck indoors working. I did find time to put together a little comic strip featuring birthday boy EvHead and his partner in crime Megnut. Hopefully it will be appearing on soon.

Weblog Scoop Index

I’d completely forgotten about the Weblog Scoop Index. Being the fringe blogger that I am and considering the amount of linking that I’ve done lately it’s not surprising that I’m not currently on the list. The top 100 links of the last 72 hours is pretty nifty though.

I didn’t think my adjacent neighbors had a dog. From the sounds of things they have a fairly unhappy one tonight. <sigh>

Blogger Fix

Yay! I think I figured out a work around for the broken Hot | Fresh | New widget glitch on the main blogger page.

The majority of my morning was spent in a lengthy meeting discussing Windows 2000 roll out on campus. We’re taking it fairly slowly campus wide, but I imagine I’ll be installing it by the end of Summer budget permitting.

Javascript, DOM, DHTML

I’ve entered a javascript, DOM, DHTML, etc. mental assimilaton frenzy the last couple days. The majority of my enthusiasm has been sparked by the Mac IE 5 release, but I’ve been interested in these topics for a while. Plus I find the blogger front page breakage really annoying. It’s been a readlly good learning exercise to go through the blogger pages.

That brings up an interesting point about the web. From an educational perspective it’s great that the majority of the inner working of the web are just a “view source” away, but the downside is that anyone can steal your nifty script or site design.

Oh, and while I’m on the topic of html source, for kicks I’ve been trying various pages on the w3c html validator and there’s a whole lot of non standard html out there. The only error free page I’ve found so far is the validator page itself. I thought that was kind of cool, kind of like a compiler compiling its own source code.