Monthly Archives: April 2000

Moving Boxes, Greek Easter

Well, I’ve got a lot of boxes taking up space in my already too small apartment. Now I need to start filling them so that I can migrate over to my soon to be new, bigger apartment.

I went out to Mary’s parent’s house for a traditional Greek Easter dinner. The food was very good, but much richer than I’m used to.

Pedro The Lion

Hey, I saw Pedro the Lion live at Bumbershoot a couple years ago. Fancy stumbling over their Blogger powered Tour journal at 2:20 AM on a Saturday.

Hmm… I’ve started attacking the site redesign process again. Progress is being made.

Spokane Signs

John, a fellow Spokanite, has put together a collection of pictures of the old painted signs that grace many of the aging brick buildings in downtown Spokane (note: somewhat bandwidth intensive). I drive by several of these buildings on a daily basis, but many of the signs were new to me.


I’ve been playing with Zope a bit off and on this week and it seems pretty cool. I installed and worked through this new tutorial and found it to be a pretty good intro into the Zope way of doing things. I don’t have any experience with PHP, but Zope’s DTML scripting within documents seems to be fairly similar in nature. Of course Zope is completely different in that it works out of its object database, while PHP uses standard text files. That and the fact that anything in the object database can be edited via the web. Groovy!