Monthly Archives: April 2000


A thunderstorm passed through downtown Spokane yesterday evening and I tried unsuccessfully to capture some cool lightning shots with my new camera. It has a cool movie recording feature that will save the previous 10 seconds of footage when you press the button, but I didn’t figure out how to use this mode until after the storm had passed.

If you’ve ever been curious about what Bill Gate’s mansion on Lake Washington is like now you can find out.

On Being Sick

Being sick is not normally a fun thing. Being sick on a beautiful day like today is a bit worse. However, as there’s been a lot of good weather days in recent weeks during which I haven’t managed to extricate myself from the confines of my apartment anyway I should just move on and quit complaining. Especially in light of the fact that I have a couple new books to read after a brief excursion to Barnes&Noble this morning.

B&N is definitely a bit of a drive for someone who’s staying home because they’re sick. In this case I felt moderately justified in that I had just finished an appointment getting some car damage appraised by an insurance adjustor and had to drive more than a mile just to get home again. I’ll eventually be receiving a check in the mail to pay for repairs (if I so choose), but I may just pocket the money and see what I can do on my own. The damage was fairly minor. What’s another scrape on a fairly scraped-up 12 year old bumper cover after all?

Of course I wrote this post over four hours ago and now the weather’s not quite as nice. Sunny, but windy and hazy as well. I still feel terrible after lying around all day reading and completely drinking a 1.892 L of lemon-lime Gatorade. So it goes.

Python, Zope and a Digital Camera

It finally occurred to me today that installing Python on a Win32 machine is a pretty trivial task. A little later I suddenly realized the same holds true for Zope. Considering I’ve only had a machine perfectly suited for the task sitting beside me at work for the last six months I’m feeling a little perturbed. Of course the satisfaction of having a working version does make up for that I suppose.

The camera arrived safely today and works like a dream. I’m looking forward to playing with it more this afternoon and evening when I get back from work.