Monthly Archives: May 2000

DC Pictures Project

I’m hoping to get my pictures from my Washington DC trip up in by the weekend as well as finally implementing the long needed site redesign. I’m feeling reasonably motivated at the moment so we’ll see what happens.

Fuser Issues, Summer League

I ended up spending far too much time at work figuring out what was wrong with a printer that has been leaving a vertical stripe of junk on every page. The bottom line was that it needed to be serviced and I should have just left it at that. I did find this link after the fact clearly describing what I had already ascertained by partially disassembling the printer. I think sometimes I get a little bit too clever for my own good and try to do everything myself. Live and learn.

The high school basketball summer league season is fully underway as of yesterday, so my evening are going to be a little bit busier through July. I love helping out with my dad’s teams though and with the players we have coming back expect this year to be a highly successful one.

This is not me, although I find it strangely amusing to see that someone sharing my first and last name is studying to be a software engineer.

Python News, Adjusting To PST

Interesting news on the Python front. Looks like Guido van Rossum is going to be devoting a lot more time to developing Python.

I’m still not completely readjusted to Pacific time as I’m feeling pretty sleepy and it’s only 10:23. It is a remarkably rainy night though, which is cool in my book and perhaps a good reason to turn in a little early, crack the window beside my bed, and enjoy the pitter patter of raindrops falling outside.