Monthly Archives: June 2000

Auburn Trip

I’m bound for Auburn, WA later today for some summer high school basketball. Looks like it’s going to be fairly cloudy based on the forecast and 10° cooler than Spokane as well. Prior to departure I’ve got to get my car’s emissions checked. Washington State requires that all vehicles get checked every two years prior to license renewal and my tabs have just about expired. Although there’s an emission inspection facility right next to where I work, I discovered yesterday that they’re only open from 9AM to 5PM and I arrived right at closing time. D’oh!

Furniture Shopping

Whoa! Not only did I not get around to submitting a little content until just now, but I managed to miss my dinner as well.

On the way home from work I decided to stop at Office Depot and look at some desk/table furniture. I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for though. Or at least I didn’t find anything that motivated me to start spending money.


I ordered Terminus last night when I found out it had finally been released (simultaneously for Mac, PC, Linux in fact). Tonight I realized that there’s a demo out. Time to find out if it’s as spectacular as it’s looked in everything I’ve read so far.

NBA Draft

The Sonics didn’t have much to work with this draft, but based on size, age and position this guy sounds like a Nigerian Shawn Kemp. Unsurprisingly, no Gonzaga products were drafted this year. It’ll be interesting to see if any catch on as free agents. Personally, I thought Richie Frahm had the best shot based of the group to get drafted based on size, shooting ability, and athleticism, but perhaps his mid-April foot injury made teams wary.