Monthly Archives: July 2000

Spokane Shadow Soccer Action

I watched my second soccer game of the summer last night as the Spokane Shadow beat the Abbottsford 86ers 4-3. It was a much better game than the previous night when the Shadow lost 0-3 to Seattle. The sad thing to me was the biggest difference between the two games was the quality of the officiating. Saturday’s referee did a much better job of calling the game consistantly and fairly and it allowed both teams a chance to compete for the victory. That didn’t happen Friday.

Pair Supports PHP

Today I verified that Pair (the company that hosts me) has PHP running so I started fiddling around with it a bit. Pretty nifty and not that hard to pick up. It also means I should be able to start putting up some picture archives with a lot less work. I’ll have to fiddle with that some this weekend.

New Computer Desk

Today was a fairly productive day. And best of all my new computer desk is completerly assembled and even has a couple computers on it. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll finish rearranging my apartment and get all my computers hooked back up to my apartment network. Now for some gaming action!