Monthly Archives: September 2000


I’ve been playing with PHP and the BBEdit 6.0 demo today. PHP has cool built in XML support and I’ve been exploring that a bit. I think I’m finally going to overhaul my site here and use Blogger to spit out straight xml that I’ll parse and manipulate at this end. That should be pretty fun to set up.

Fast Week

This week is really going by fast. That seems kind of strange since it was actually last week that was a mere four days long thanks to Gonzaga’s Labor Day make up holiday. I’m not complaining though. Just observing…

I’ve continued to scan the scan the web for news of easy PHP, MySQL, and Python installation on MacOS X PB, but it looks like we’re not quite there yet. That’s okay, it’s not like I don’t have a bunch of other projects to work on in the meantime. Better get as much done as I can now because basketball season is just over a month away.

That reminds me I should download the Flash 5 demo at some point. What does that have to with basketball you ask? Well, oddly enough when I woke up Saturday morning it occurred to me that Flash could be an excellent way to do animated play diagrams. Then earlier this week I saw exactly that idea applied to a football play over at CNN/SI. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to track it down again when I went back just now. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled when it gets closer to gameday this week.


Excellent! This page has the apache module for PHP3 in MacOS X. It doesn’t yet offer MySQL support, but it’s progress…

Sounds like pthreads are an issue for MySQL. This page offers some more insight as well.

Olympics, MacOS X

Hmm…realized there’s a little faculty web page at work that I need to update before I even think about working on anything else of my own tonight seeing as my boss will most likely ask me about it tomorrow.

Watched some Olympic diving with Mary and her mom tonight. It was awesome to see Laura Wilkinson come out of nowhere and win the gold medal (even if it was 12 hours after the fact).

I stayed up pretty late last night fiddling around with compiling apache and php under MacOS X. Unfortunately I was never completely successful. Still, it was good to get some practice with the whole ./configure, make, make install routine that just hasn’t been possible until now. MacAddict and MacNN have a pretty good variety of useful information, but I haven’t come across a whole lot of info on compiling and installing things like php, python, apache, zope, etc. on MacOS X.