Monthly Archives: September 2000

OS X Impressions

MacOS X is cool! I installed it without a whole lot of difficulty this evening. Getting it to connect to the Internet was of course a different story, but I managed eventually. My main complaint is the default anti-aliasing. It may look okay on a CRT, but it’s annoying when viewed via LCD.

Time to install some compilers.

iMac Imaging

One of my big projects here at work over the next week or two involves setting up 25 new Indigo iMacs in our computer labs (boy, do they look nice). I’ve had to handle multiple installations in the past as well, but this time around I’m tackling the problem in a much more efficient manner thanks to a couple freely available utilities from Apple and a CDROM burner.

Olympic Thoughts

I wonder if MacOS X will arrive today or tomorrow?

I haven’t been watching the Olympics at all this year. I think most of that has to do with NBC’s pathetic coverage. All the manufactured drama and emphasis on human interest stories over actual athletic events is completely underwhelming. It’ll be interesting to see how their ratings go this year. I hope they’re down, so we can get back to real coverage in the future.

The US men’s basketball team took on China last night and despite falling behind 20-16 at the start of the game ended up winning 119-72. Of course if the Chinese ever figure out that sometimes less is more when it comes to practicing, it could be a little closer in the future.


Back from Nurse Betty. Still taking pictures. I actually took my camera to the theater and grabbed some pictures from Riverpark Square. I always feel self conscience when I take pictures in a public setting. Something about having a camera always seems to draw people’s attention to you.