Monthly Archives: November 2000

Weird Dream

Mary woke me up from a dream this morning that was pretty interesting. I have no idea why, but in my dream I was writing some code to solve one or more linear algebra problems. I hadn’t thought about stuff like matrix multiplication, the identity matrix, etc. in quite a while so it seems like a pretty strange dream. I definitely don’t remember programming in a dream before, and I haven’t been doing any programming recently so I’m not sure what it all means.

Electoral College Fun

Math Against Tyranny [via Kottke] is an article giving the mathematical reasons that the Electoral College is a good thing for our country. The article makes an analogy between the Electoral College and sports that I really like. It’s entirely possible to score more total points (or runs in baseball’s case) than all the competing teams during a season, yet still lose the championship because it’s total wins that matter not total points. Of course under the Electoral College some states (or wins to go back to the analogy) are worth more than others.

Blogger Woes

I’d be posting more except Blogger has been having some issues lately. This is my first post upgrade post. Hopefully the backend improvements will end all the misery.

Perhaps the coolest wedding gift Mary and I have received to date is an Enviroscape River Steps miniature waterfall. Plugin tranquility at its best.

Upgrade Fun

My latest upgrade project seems to be going quite well. I bought a cheap video card from OWC that offers panning and zooming. I hadn’t ever used a card that supported that nifty feature, but I like it. It’s almost as good as having a bigger monitor.