Monthly Archives: November 2000

Apple Cup

It’s far too cold in my office here at work. And it’s far too cold for November period. Hopefully the Huskies will find it especially unenjoyable tomorrow during the 100th Apple Cup.

Did I mention my wife is a UW alum? It could get ugly tomorrow.

Blogger, Axodys, Zope

I just realized today that I’ve been using Blogger to update Axodys for over a year now. And in late January, Axodys will actually be two years old. Hopefully we’ll know who our president is by then.

The lack of updates over the past couple couple weeks can be blamed entirely on my recent wedding and honeymoon down at Disneyland. Things should be returning to normal shortly.

I’m getting interested in Zope again and I’m especially excited to have Luke Tymowski behind the helm of Zope Newbies. He’s always done a great job of providing useful and interesting information at Qube Quorner so it’s great to have him actively working to illuminate and promote Zope as well.

Big Day!

I’m getting married today! Since I’ll be on my honeymoon all next week, don’t expect any updates for a while…

Maya Angelou

I saw Maya Angelou speak at Gonzaga tonight. What an amazing, beautiful woman! I almost didn’t go, but luckily my sister was able to come along so I didn’t have to go by myself. Our prime tickets and early arrival allowed us to find seats a mere six or seven rows back from the stage with a great view of the podium. Three word summary: moving, entertaining, inspirational.