Monthly Archives: December 2000

Majesty And Oni

Finished the Majesty and Oni demoes and both were pretty fun. The Majesty demo didn’t seem all that challenging though. Too bad Oni won’t be released for a while yet because I’d go out and buy it today if it were.

Dot Com

Funny toddler speak: I learned today that my friend José’s twin toddler sons refer to computers as “dotcoms”. I guess we’ve come a long way from “choochoos” for trains.

Zope Fun

Invasion of the ‘Blog’

Worked with Zope quite a bit last night for a project here at work. I wasn’t doing extremely complex stuff, but I learned a few things and accomplished what I set out to do. It’s pretty cool when you get to improve your knowledge in an area of personal interest while spending time on a work related project; a definite plus of my current job is that I have that kind of latitude.

A Week Later

It’s been a week since I last posted. Where does the time go? I’m back at work today, but it doesn’t look like too many other people are yet. I’m going to need to be fairly productive during the next seven working days since I’ve got jury duty starting on the 8th.

Auto Excavation

Thanks to all the snow we’ve received in the last week, parking on my street is a real mess. While the street itelf is actually bare in spots, the strip along the sidewalk where cars park is a morass of unplowed snow and ice. And unfortunately for me that’s where I parked my car Monday afternoon. I was able to ignore the problem yesterday by getting a ride to work from Mary, but this morning I figured it was time to get my car back into operation. At one point I almost gave up, but after 45 minutes of pushing, crawling around, and general wheel spinning shenanagins my car was free to roam the streets of Spokane again. Now if I can just figure out a better place to park tonight when I get home.