Monthly Archives: December 2000


Whew! So much snow everywhere. I’m just glad that I was able to get my car moved into a decently plowed parking lot. It was fairly buried this morning, but I brushed off the two inches of accumulated snow that were covering it and eventually got it moving out of the deeper snow it was parked in. At least the plows seem to be out today.


My continuing foray into LinuxPPC is actually going pretty well. I finally feel like I’ve successfully turned the corner on understanding how to get everything working. That’s not to say that I’ve successfully managed to get Zope up and running yet (a couple permissions issues to resolve first), but I did get it compiled despite my Linux machine’s initial lack of a compiler, headers, libraries, and a full understanding of how to install RPMs. The key was installing gnorpm, the Gnome Redhat Package Manager because it does a really nice job of showing you what you have and what you still need to install.

500 Wins

Today was domain name renewal time. Hard to believe I’m coming up on two year’s worth of It’s been fun to see the growth of weblogs since I first started recording my random links and thoughts. The growth of the medium in that short time has been simply amazing. The only downside to the whole phenomena is that so many of the new blogs are of such quality that I’m often disappointed with my lack of quality content here. Still, it’s good to have something to strive for.

Snow, snow, snow this evening. And more on the way tomorrow afternoon.

Tonight I caught my first Spokane Chiefs hockey game in three or four years, and unfortunately they wasted a great 39 save effort by their goalie and lost 2-1.

Last, but by no means least, Tuesday night my father coached his 500th career high school boys basketball victory. Reaching the milestone was a sweet moment, but the things that make me proudest of my dad are not all the wins, but how he approaches every game and handles the outcome whether it’s a win or a loss.

Mozilla Fun

Playing with Mozilla .6 this afternoon. I got it to crash once while tweaking the font size settings and document resolution, but everything seems to be almost back to normal when I relaunched it (unfortunately my url field font seems stuck at an annoyingly small size in the Modern theme now). Overall the general stability and performance seems to be moving right along. I just need to track down and install a few more themes. Ahh yes, I think is the place I’m looking for.