Monthly Archives: January 2001

Blogger Woes

For a second there I thought Blogger might be really hosed as I wasn’t offered the chance to edit Axodys as usual. Logging out and then back in seems to have fixed that problem.

Up Late

I’m finally getting sleepy enough to go to bed. I tried earlier, but as is sometimes the case I just wasn’t quite tired enough to fall asleep. I’m going to have to look at this sleep related article later today.

MySQL Security

MySQL’s built in security is a little convoluted. Not overly so, but just enough to be bothersome when you’re new to the system and trying to remotely access a database. At least I’ve successfully added a user that works locally.

MySQL Installed

Installing MySQL went a lot more smoothly than I expected. Now I just need to go home and pull out my copy of so I can familiarize myself with its workings. Cool. Databases are fun.

Incidentally, the LinuxPPC server that I’ve been running at work (and that I just installed MySQL on) actually has an uptime of 29 days right now. Sure, that’s small potatoes to a lot of people (and servers), but it’s a significant improvement over my initial experiences with LinuxPPC on that particular box. Shutting down Gnome and X-Windows seem to have made all the difference in the world (and freed up some memory as well).