Monthly Archives: February 2001

Opera 5

Opera 5 for the Mac is looking very promising. Definitely the fastest browser I’ve used to date on the Macintosh platform. Now if they can just get a few font size issues ironed out…

Mozilla 0.8

Well, it looks to me like the Mac version of Mozilla 0.8 is pretty decent. That’s very good news. I should try taking a break from Internet Explorer for a while. Hmm…. didn’t seem to refresh Blogger after I originally submitted this post. I’m going to have to try again and see what happens.

Seems to have been a temporary glitch. Everything works normally now.

Snowing Like Crazy

Still snowing like crazy this morning. And cold at 20° with a 13mph wind (can you say windchill of 0°). It’s definitely a really good day to stay inside and do cool things with computers. That, or have a hot bowl of soup at lunch time (which I’m planning to do).

Apparently Mozilla 0.8 came out yesterday. I had downloaded release 0.7 and tried it, but still haven’t started using Mozilla significantly yet. In theory at least, I’d prefer to use it instead of a Microsoft product, but up to this point Mozilla just hasn’t quite been there for me.

RPG’s And Soundcards

Sure, online rpg’s like Diablo II and Everquest are a lot of fun, but playing them to the point of losing your loved ones is just sad.

Yet another thing about Mac’s that I love not having to think about: Soundcards! Spent the morning getting an old SoundBlaster ISA card working under NT 4. In fairness it didn’t end up being all that hard once I tracked the proper info down, but it wasn’t as trivial as it should have been.