Monthly Archives: February 2001

Hack Ethic

Blogger seems to be blazing right along this morning. Cool.

Salon has an interesting article on the Hacker Ethic.

Speaking of Linux 2.41 and journaling file systems, in some ways I’m amazed that it’s taken this long. I mean BeOS has had that working for what three years? It seems like a very useful feature for a server oriented OS.

Digital Watch Tech

Mary and I decided to get each other matching watches for Valentines Day so I’ve been doing a little research on the latest and greatest digital watches. I’m much happier with Timex’s web page and price range, but Casio wins when it comes to sheer gadgetry (camera, gps, or mp3s anyone?). At this point the Timex Expedition (with digital compass) looks to be the front runner in our search for the perfect watch matching functionality, personality, and price.

PB’s Essay On Pyra

I missed pb‘s essay on his experiences at Pyra when he firsted posted it so I’m making note of it now. I know it’s small solace to the entrepid bunch that constructed Pyra and Blogger, but there’s no question that they’ve made a significant impact on a lot of people’s lives by constructing an excellent web app and simultaneously letting us in on the process. I’ve learned a lot while following their story over the past year plus and I really appreciate what they were able to accomplish together.