Monthly Archives: March 2001

Saturday Update

Not a lot of stuff going on at the moment.

I’m not really clear on why I’m not running in MacOS X right now.

I spent the better part of my morning doing some routine maintenance on my car and finished off with a tire changing spree (studded snow tires are no longer legal in Washington starting tomorrow). I’d forgotten just how much of a pain changing the engine oil and oil filter yourself can be, but I did save myself $10 and the indignity of an unecessary air filter sales attempt.

New words learned while working on a crossword during the Final Four today (I needed something useful to fill the commercial breaks): * aril * scrim * anisette


I’m trying out OmniWeb in MacOS X right now. Wow! Auto spell-checking rocks. The Blogger interface is a little mangled, but it’s still very workable. Nice. Hmm, looks like I can’t post. Must be some javascript issues. Oh well, back to IE 5 I suppose.