Monthly Archives: March 2001

MacOS X Fun

After checking my voicemail today at work, I discovered that I could have picked up my copy of MacOS X from the campus switchboard on Saturday. Filing away for future reference.

Excellent look at MacOS X Internet service integration in today’s Hack the Planet discussion.

I received my copy of MacOS X today and successfully installed it, but unfortunately my Cisco 675’s built-in DHCP service doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Now that I think about it I’m pretty sure I worked around this problem back in the Beta by assigning a permanent IP address and filling in the blanks with the info it should be receiving. I probably should just turn off the DHCP and go with straight NAT.

Stiles (32) leads Bears back to Final Four

I’ll definitely be tuning in!

MacOS X On The Way

Since I didn’t realize March 24 was a Saturday when I originally ordered my copy of MacOS X I had it shipped to work. Hopefully it will be waiting for me when I get there tomorrow. I expect to be dual booting for a while to come, but I’m excited to have the chance to play with the new improved version. If the carbon version of BBedit comes out soon I will be especially happy.

MacNN has a nice list of Mac OS X-related TILS.

NCAA West Regional Semifinals

Last night Mary and I watched the NCAA West Regional semifinals on ESPN, even though they’re here in Spokane. We had plenty of chances to purchase tickets, but we just never got around to it. Both games were close and exciting, as Southwest Missouri State and Washington came away with victories. While it was neat for Mary’s alma mater (and local favorite) UW to make it to the Elite 8, I was most impressed by Jackie Stiles, the amazing player from SMS that averages 30 points per game and scored 41 last night.