Monthly Archives: April 2001

Goodbye Dad

My father passed away yesterday evening after a 16 month battle with colon cancer. I have a lot more that I want to write about him, but that will have to wait until I return from a short trip down to Phoenix. I love you Dad.

Rick Majerus Recruiting Ordeal

Just about everything I’ve read, seen, and heard about Utah coach Rick Majerus has led me to believe he’s one of the good guys in college basketball. I even met him and shook his hand last year while he was visiting practice to recruit Sean Mallon and he seemed like a genuinely nice guy. But everybody knows that sometimes bad things happen to good people and his latest recruiting misadventure sounds positively harrowing. I’m glad that he survived the ordeal.

M’s and Greymatter

The Mariners are still sailing along. Last night they beat the Yankees 7-5 thanks in part to a questionable home run late in the game.

I’ve made significant progress on my Axodys Blogger to Greymatter conversion project and my goal is to have everything completely switched over by May 1. The conversion itself is complete for all months prior to April 2001 thanks to some XML hacking on my part, but I’d like to have a new design in place before I make the final move. Thanks to MacOS X I can experiment and iron everything out locally before I move it over to my hosting provider.

BBEdit 6.1

Well, I survived an obnoxiously long meeting at work today. I’m not sure if I can handle another one of those any time soon, as I prefer to be productive during my lunch.

In cool work related news it looks like we've ordered a bunch of laptops for faculty to use when they travel to off campus locations.  Mostly PC's although we did manage to get a couple iBooks ordered as well.  I'm betting that once the faculty get their hands on these I won't be seeing them too often (computers or people : )).

So far BBEdit 6.1 seems like the best carbon conversion I've worked with yet.  I'm glad they delayed the release until they felt it was ready.

<a href="">This hint</a> explains how to set up a small shell script for opening text files in BBEdit from the command line.  For some reason the instructions didn't work quite right for me as written, but I was able to directly create the script and get it to work.  You can do the same by doing the following:<pre>sudo vi /usr/local/bin/bbopen</pre>Now that you're in vi (or the editor of your choice) type the following two lines:<pre>#!/bin/shopen -a '"/Applications/BBEdit/BBEdit 6.1 for OS X"' $*</pre>Save and exit by hitting the esc key followed by:<pre>:wq</pre>Now set the file permissions on bbopen by typing:<pre>sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/bbopen</pre>Follow that up by typing "rehash" and hitting return.  Assuming you have BBEdit installed in the Applications folder you can now open text files  simply by typing<pre>bbopen filename</pre>