Monthly Archives: May 2001

Where did the morning go?

It’s already after eleven this morning, but it was nice to sleep in. I’m looking forward to finishing up my Axodys redesign and watching the NBA playoffs today. That and cleaning up my desk a bit perhaps. Yikes!

Looks like the United States has its first men’s distance running sensation in quite some time. 18 year old high school senior Alan Webb finished fifth in the Prefontaine classic with a U.S. scholastic record shattering mile time of 3 minutes, 53.43 seconds. The previous record of 3:55.3 was established by Jim Ryun back in 1965.

2001 MLB Allstar Ballot

Here’s how I voted for this year’s MLB Allstar Game:

1st BaseJ OLERUD 1st BaseT HELTON
2nd BaseB BOONE 2nd BaseT WALKER
ShortstopD JETER ShortstopR AURILIA
3rd BaseT GLAUS 3rd BaseP NEVIN
OutfieldM RAMIREZ OutfieldB BONDS

Busy day.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening attending my cousin’s wedding and the reception that followed. It was a nice ceremony and I got to practice my video camera skills as well, although the balcony I was filming from was quite warm. I’m really looking forward to relaxing the rest of the weekend.

Oh, and this morning I actually made significant progress on the Axodys redesign. I expect to have it in place very soon.

It sures seems like a lot of people I read on a regular basis are taking breaks lately. Clearly I need to start finding some new and different weblogs to read on a regular basis. Suggestions?

Database Fun

Tidbits has a two part article on the state of relational databases under MacOS X. [Part I,Part II]

I’m finally starting the process of exploring MySQL after intending to for quite some time.