Monthly Archives: June 2001


Mary and I walked downtown through the sweltering heat to catch a few Hoopfest games early this afternoon. That was a hot, but enjoyable way to spend an hour and a half. Most of the teams I wanted to watch managed to win their first two games and were done for the day by the time we left. We’ll have to get an earlier start tomorrow.

One thing I should mention about the Hoopfest site is that it makes great use of Flash in generating fully printable up to date tournament brackets. So it’s really easy to look up a player, find his team, where they play and how they’ve been doing.

In other basketball related news, yesterday Mary, my mom, and I drove down to Yakima for the Washington State high school All-Star game. The red team I was helping coach won, but former Ferris player Erik Benzel didn’t have a very good shooting night. Overall it was a fun evening sandwiched in between two long 3.5 hour drives.

It’s nice to finally have time on the weekend to do some computing again.

Stormy Day

A pretty good storm blew through Spokane this evening. Once it passed, the sunlight poking through the clouds made for some really interesting lighting. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures.

Today was a pretty successful day for me basketball coaching-wise. Ferris Team II lost their first game this morning in sudden death overtime, but won their second game (it also went to sudden death overtime) thanks to a clutch shot by freshman to be Steve Stockton (NBA great John Stockton’s nephew). Even better, Ferris Team III played their best game of the summer to beat South Hill rival LC III by 5 points this time around.

High School Reunion

Like Cam, I’m pretty sure I’m going to skip my 10-year high school class reunion this summer. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I have virtually no golf experience, night cruises around Lake Couer d’Alene aren’t all that exciting, and the thought of former classmates repeatedly telling me how sorry they are about my dad (who taught and coached many of them) just doesn’t add up to a fun time for me.


I’ve been really tired all day long. I’m not sure what’s behind it because I got several hours of sleep last night, but perhaps it has to do with all the coaching I’ve been doing lately. Something like six games since Sunday and I’ve still got three to go, plus as many games as we can win in the tournament that follows. On top of that I’ve got two Team III games tomorrow… Perhaps I’ll go to bed early tonight.


I was awakened this morning not just by my alarm, but also by a brief, but sizable rolling sensation followed by a muffled explosion. At first I thought something very large must have detonated nearby, but apparently it was a magnitude 3.4 earthquake that took place 2 miles southwest of Spokane. At any rate, not exactly what you’d call a typical Spokane Monday morning occurrence.