Monthly Archives: June 2001

MacOS X Hijinks

If I wasn’t in the middle of compiling the GIMP I’d be all over installing the MacOS X v10.0.4 update. Oh well, soon enough.

Now I’m just hoping it will finish up before I need to hit the road.

Sweet! It’s done compiling and it works. I’m out of here.


Andrew Welch, Ambrosia Software’s President offers his thoughts on the MacOS X speed deficit: President’s Letter: Why is OS X slow?

I haven’t found MacOS X speed on my 466MHz PowerBook to be all that bad actually all things considered. On the other hand system-wide stability is great compared to MacOS 9. I’ve had an uptime of over a week that easily could have gone longer if I hadn’t needed do something in MacOS 9. And considering I can run classic apps, carbon/cocoa apps, and now x-windows apps all at once that’s a significant improvement.