Monthly Archives: July 2001

Tracking Bloggers With Blogdex

Today I discovered Blogdex, an intriguing link popularity tracker being developed at MIT’s Media Lab that analyzes thousands of weblogs. Wired has an article offering further information.

We had a 3.2 magnitude earthquake right around 6:40 PM tonight. It seemed pretty similar to the others we’ve experienced in the last month and a half in that there was a distinct boom and a small amount of shaking. It sounds like seismologists are going to be watching our area a little closer now.

Another weekend ends…

Well, I’m done with basketball for the summer. It’s going to be nice relaxing during the evenings for a change during the coming weeks. I’ve got a few web database projects I want to work on and various other things that I’ve put on hold for a while. There are several movies that I’ve been meaning to see as well. Oh well, all in good time.

Incidentally, Best in Show is a fairly amusing movie.

Zope 2.4 on MacOS X

My web programming interests have swung mostly to PHP for the time being (mostly because of ease of integration with MySQL and MacOS X), but eventually I know I’m going to get interested in Zope again. Here’s a link to a binary package of Zope 2.4 and Python for MacOS X.

I bought Paul DuBois’ MySQL book earlier this week and have finally had some time today to start working through the tutorial at the beginning of the book. I’ve been meaning to learn SQL in some form or another for over a year, but it’s only been recently thanks to MacOS X that I’ve been able to do it easily.