Monthly Archives: August 2001

Thursday Night

My car acted up on the way home, but I was actually able to make it all the way without it dying. I noticed that the engine was rattling a lot more than usual, and then at a stoplight I glanced to my right and saw an alarming amount of steam rising out of the passenger side hood. Strangely the engine temperature gauge was completely bottomed out, almost as if it was broken. After talking to my local Honda dealer I’m hopeful that it was only a matter of a broken thermostat causing the engine to overheat, but we’ll have to see tomorrow morning. In the meantime I’ve borrowed my mom’s pickup truck so I should be able to get by.

And in the it’s only been a two year wait department: Washington State Scores Early And Often, Downs Idaho, 36-7

Monday Night Musings

Tonight’s Weakest Link had the largest total winnings I’ve seen with $92,000, but the final two contestants were pathetic. That’s what I really dislike about the show— nine times out of ten the strongest player is elliminated well before the end.

On the computing front Cam points to an interesting column on Windows XP that’s basically playing out at Gonzaga University where I work. Earth to Microsoft – We’re Not Ready for XP While we expect to have Windows 2000 rolled out in our student labs on campus within the next month, the majority of staff and faculty won’t make the migration until the start of next year.

Speaking of which, I’ve got four Windows 2000 machines to roll out in the next couple days. It’s going to be a busy week.

One More Week!

Crud. The weekend’s over and I’ve only got one more week at work before all the students come back. Time to do some serious lab preparation in the next couple days.

Today wasn’t overly exciting for me, although Tiger Woods’ seven hole playoff victory was pretty impressive. It would have been even better if I hadn’t been watching it on tape delay with full knowledge of the outcome thanks to the Internet, but I still enjoyed it.

Wedding Time

There’s a wedding going on up on the hill overlooking my apartment building. I can’t say that I’ve seen that before in the year and a half that I’ve lived here, but I imagine having downtown Spokane as your backdrop could be kind of cool. So anyway I came into my apartment and started watching the Seahawks – 49ers game and completely forgot about the wedding. The game was going quite well for the Hawks until I started hearing Memories (from Cats) in the background of the game and thought, Why am I hearing music like that?

Then I realized my window was still open.