Monthly Archives: August 2001

Lunchtime amusements

Anil rants on a topic dear to my heart: Pardon Me For Being Forward

So I’ve been playing with one the new PowerMac G4’s this morning. And it’s speedy and nice and everything, but it’s got a 4OGB hard drive with only one partition and two operating systems installed. And that’s basically gross. I really, really wish Apple would install MacOS X in its own partition now that they’re installing it alongside MacOS 9 in all their new models. I’m not looking forward to spending all afternoon partitioning and reinstalling two operating systems.

Web Stuff

I’m fairly interested in what’s going on with all the XML-RPC stuff over at Scripting News, but I had never heard of REST until I saw a mention of the RESTwiki over there. Intriguing stuff because from what I can tell after a fairly cursory glance, the REST approach is able to do everything that SOAP or XML-RPC can with a little less overhead.

One semi-related project that I’ll probably be exploring further in the near future is figuring out how to connect BBEdit to weblogging systems like Manilla or Blogger (or down the road my own vaporous weblogging project). It just occurred a few days back that I’d probably be better off figuring out how to integrate that functionality into BBEdit than building yet another client. Since BBEdit has great AppleScript and Perl integration it shouldn’t be too hard to come up with scripts that take care of that.


Laptops take great leap forward “Notebooks had long accounted for less than 20 percent of the worldwide PC sales mix. But notebooks broke the 20 percent mark last year and over the last several quarters have crept up to nearly 24 percent, according to IDC.” Sounds to me like good news for Apple.

Incidentally my wife just received a Gateway PC laptop through work. It’s a decent machine and the price was right (free as long as she works there), but it’s no iBook.

My upgraded PowerBook is still going strong although I’m probably going to use MacOS X 10.1’s upcoming arrival as a good excuse to overhaul my machine’s hard drive set up. Things could definitely be a little better organized. That, and I’d still like to max out the RAM.

Extreme IT Stories

Linux plus recycled hardware equals serious savings

Managed to forget my work keys this morning so I had to turn around as soon as I got here and run home to get them. That was moderately annoying and sure enough, my keys were right where I always leave them.

I also discovered this morning that I had somehow managed to hose a bunch of my MacOS X system preferences (probably something to do with a timed out restart initiated by my installation of Dialpad) and had to redo those as well.

Helped one of the PC users in the building set up TrueSync for his StarTac mobile phone with built in digital organizer. That definitely seems like the wave of the future to me. Why have a phone and a PDA when you can have one that is both.