Monthly Archives: September 2001

Mid-morning Monday

The MCE FireBay is an interesting idea, but I can’t imagine there’s a whole lot of demand for such an item. I guess it will allow people that have already purchased expansion bay CDR/W’s for their PowerBooks to use them elsewhere, but for the price of the FireBay they can probably just get a faster external burner anyway.

Speaking of external drives I’m thinking about getting an external firewire drive sometime in the next couple months. I can’t wait to have enough drive space to do some serious video editing.

I’ve been seriously addicted to Ambrosia’s Pillars of Garendall RPG over the course of the last week. Luckily, after hours and hours of play I think I’m pretty close to being able to beat the game and getting back to general productivity. All the same it’s been a welcome escape from the hard reality the terrorist attacks have brought home to us over the last couple weeks.

MacOS X 10.1

Apple has a page revealing all the new MacOS X 10.1 features, but doesn’t have an obvious way to get a hold of it. If it’s only going to be available on CD it seems like they would have a place for you to preorder it. Maybe that means there will be some electronic options available.

Thursday Morning Meanderings

InformationWeek has a short article on the latest MS-spawned IT headache: [Nimbda’s Biography][1].

“This new breed of ‘malware’ (neither a virus nor a worm, but a blend of both) spreads similarly to Code Red in that once it infects a computer, that system begins scanning for new victims to infect. And, just like the ILOVEYOU virus, Nimda also spreads via E-mail. Nimda can also infect unprotected computers used to browse Web sites on infected servers.”

[1]: I was taking a sick day Tuesday when Nimda really started making the news, but luckily we only had a couple infections on campus and they were outside my building. When I came back in Wednesday I fully expected my Win2k test server to be infected, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Monday Morning Musings

Disconnect the Dots is a really interesting look at the new war paradigm that we’re dealing with in the wake of the WTC disaster. [via]

I haven’t been writing much lately because like most people I’ve been fairly preoccupied with the events of the last week. As of today I’m feeling optimistic that this will be a much more productive week for me weblogging and otherwise. And best yet I get Friday off (Labor Day make-up vacation).