Monthly Archives: October 2001

What Is B2?

Looks like there’s a new php4/mysql based weblog management tool code named B2. More information can be found here. Had I not just switched over to Movable Type I would have been especially interested. Based on my brief perusal of some of the B2 documentation the combination seems fairly elegant— template tags are actual php code and all the pages are dynamic. Support

I found out today that Ben and Mena, the cool folks behind Movable Type, have already made it really easy to activate pinging support. So starting with this post should always reflect when I’ve updated. Super cool!

I wonder how much longer it will be before they add xml-rpc support? I’m really looking forward to that feature. Incidentally I should really make a donation for all their hard work.

Mariner’s Loss

This is a great column about the Mariners and the season they had this year and just what it means to be a fan.

Sure I’m disappointed with the outcome of the playoffs, but I’m still proud to be a Mariners fan. The Yankees won’t be on top forever.

iPod Rocks

Okay, Apple’s got a seriously awesome entry into the portable MP3 player market in the iPod. At $400 the price seems kind of steep for a mere 5GB of space, but it’s certainly an appealing pack of card sized device. I want one and so will everyone else if they own a Mac. And that’s certainly the catch at this point as it requires MacOS X or 9.2 and a computer with Firewire.

It’ll be interesting to see if the iPod is the kind of thing that can persuade users to jump on board the Macintosh platform. I’m sure that’s Apple’s hope.

So how long until we get the first warranty flaunting web page detailing the innards of these babies? I predict that in less than a month some will have figured out how to add a bigger harddrive. Well, maybe not. Based on the width measurement of 2.43″ it must have a smaller hard drive than most notebooks come with. The one in my PowerBook is more like 2.75″ wide.