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Harry Potter Manga Illustrations

Hocus Pocus: Harry Potter Illustration of Edward Juan. There are a lot of cool illustrations here if you’re a fan of the series.

Update: I’ve noticed that a lot of people have been coming to this page recently and for a while the original link above was defunct, but I’ve fixed it now. On top of that here’s an updated list of a few other sites with quality Harry Potter Manga style illustrations:

Mozilla .96

I’ve been using the Mozilla .96 as my main browser for the last couple days and it seems to work pretty well. Unfortunately the text boxes in Movable Type seem to have word wrapping problems so I’m writing this in IE 5.1 instead. I wonder if that’s a known bug or something about the html used for the form? Weird.

On other fronts the Ferris JV boys basketball team has their second game of the season in just over two hours over at North Central. Conveniently N.C. is about a mile from where I work.

The Big Apple

Evan linked to a question I was wondering about myself recently: Why is New York City called The Big Apple?

The phrase “The Big Apple” referring to New York City was first used in a 1909 book, The Wayfarer in New York edited by Edward S. Martin. In a metaphor explaining the sentiment in the Midwest that the city receives more than a fair share of the nationís wealth, he explains: ” ëNew York [was] merely one of the fruits of that great tree whose roots go down in the Mississippi Valley, and whose branches spread from one ocean to the otherÖ[But] the big apple [New York] gets a disproportionate share of the national sap.í ” (Irving Lewis Allen, City in Slang [Oxford University Press, 1995], p. 62) In other news it looks like the big snow storm we’ve been expecting since last night has just arrived. A few minutes ago the local doppler indicated we were in the eye of a storm of precipitation, but that seems to have shifted because the flakes are falling now.

I should really go get my gloves out of my car before it gets covered in snow.

I’m not looking forward to the drive up the hill to basketball practice this afternoon. Hopefully the advance deicing will have left the roads wet rather treacherous.

Glitch Entry

Apparently entry number 907 never existed in the Movable Type version of Axodys so this is the filler entry