Monthly Archives: January 2002

A Glove That Speaks Volumes.

A Glove That Speaks Volumes.

A teenager has turned a golf glove into a tool that can translate American Sign Language into text. Want to know more? Talk to the hand. [Wired News]

This is a really clever invention, but the coolest thing to me is that a teenager came up with the device. Once it gets developed beyond finger spelling to full ASL recognition it’ll be an incredibly powerful input device.

Football Day

I watched a lot of football today. And both teams I was rooting for won for a change.

I was fairly excited to see fellow WSU alum Drew Bledsoe get a chance to bail out his team after a season of standing on the sidelines. Now New England has a really interesting QB situation going into the Super Bowl.

I’d like to see New England trade Bledsoe to Washington after the season because I think Coach Spurrier and Bledsoe could be a completely awesome combination. But then maybe the Patriots will come to their senses after next weekend and trade Brady instead. You’d hate to see Boston fans end up with yet another cursed franchise. Of course regardless of which QB they go with in the end I can totally see the decision coming back to haunt them.

Bledsoe stuff aside, I was really happy to see St. Louis pull out the victory against a gutty Philadelphia team. Jeff Robinson, fellow Ferris H.S. alum and one of my dad’s former players, plays tight end for the Rams so I’ve been pulling for them for the last couple years. It’s totally cool to have John Madden mention Jeff’s name a few times every time he covers a Rams game.

Watching Dr. No

Mary and I are watching Dr. No at the moment. I’ve never seen it before today. According to imdb it’s the first James Bond movie. There are actually a ton of old James Bond movies that I haven’t had a chance to see yet. I’m going to have to change that down the road here.