Monthly Archives: February 2002

New Hard Drive

The new external 80 GB Firewire hard drive I ordered from OWC arrived today and seems to work quite well. Unfortunately, the Firewire cable they sent along with it appears to be defective (although it looks fine superficially). If I didn’t happen to have a spare cable lying around I might have thought the drive itself was defective, but thankfully that isn’t the case.

Now that I finally have plenty of drive space I’m planning to play around some more with iMovie and the MiniDV camera Mary and I bought last August. With basketball season winding down there should be at least a few interesting things to record.

I think I might also use some of the new drive space to rip some CDs. I’ve always been somewhat relunctant to do that because of my dearth of drive space (and that’s only two years after upgrading my hard drive 20 GB from 4 GB), but now that excuse is out the window.

The B-log?!

The Washington State Class B Basketball Tournament (boys bracket, girls bracket)starts today here in Spokane’s Arena. The B’s are special because they’re the smallest high school classification in Washington and entire communities stop everything and travel across the state to support their teams. Both sets of my grandparents grew up in little wheat farming towns west of Spokane (Hartline and Creston) that are still B schools and my dad attended the B school up in Springdale. If I ever become a head basketball coach, I think the B’s would be a great place to start.

Oddly enough, the Spokesman Review (Spokane’s local paper) has a special B Basketball page on their website, and more significantly the Blog a weblog covering the tournament. You know weblogs are going mainstream if the B Tournament has one.

Countdown To Regionals

Tomorrow Ferris plays their first regional game over at Lewis & Clark high school against Moses Lake. It should be a pretty good game and it’ll be nice to play a new team for a change after a long season of familiar matchups.

District Champion Shadle Plark will take on Wenatchee over at G.U., Mead plays Eisenhower at Y.V.C.C. in Yakima and Central Valley takes on Richland down in the Tri-Cities. While I don’t envy the road trips for the GSL third and fourth seeds I definitely like their chances this year.

Coolest Closing Ceremony Ever

I think this year’s Winter Olympics closing ceremony was by far the coolest one that I have ever witnessed. Awesome performance after awesome performance. Definitely quite the spectacle.

Weekend End

The weekend is coming to an end once again. It’s been busy, but in some ways doesn’t feel like I’ve been all that productive. I’m definitely feeling tired.