Monthly Archives: February 2002

Driving Back From Yakima

Driving back from Yakima at the moment after a lengthy scouting trip. Decent game, but not the greatest. Richland beat Eisenhower pretty handily to take the number one seed.

Just Another Day At The Office

I’ve been fairly busy today at work, but it’s been enjoyable for the most part. I spent a good portion of my afternoon tangling with Windows 98 networking thanks to an ethernet/dialup modem ip address conflict. It’s always a good feeling when you have a flash of insight and solve a problem. It’s the repetitive minor problems that get old in this job.

Unfortunately it was an abundance of those little problems that forced me into a late lunch today. I headed over to Spike’s to get my usual Friday clam chowder bread bowl only to discover they were already out of my meal of choice. I settled for a gilled cheese sandwich combo meal and ended up quite satisfied thanks to the plethora of fries under which the kindly cook buried my sandwich.

Okay, okay. Time to wrap things up.