Monthly Archives: March 2002

Ten Comandments

Mary and I just got done watching that cinematic classic known as The Ten Commandments. I didn’t realize what a long movie it was. The golden calf orgy scene was kind of amusing. I also enjoyed how every time people started to get pissed at Moses someone would always shout, “Stone him! Stone him!” Uh, okay.

I feel bad for the news people who have to stay up quite a bit later than usual to deliver their broadcast. It seems like the network could be a little bit more intelligent about the start time for such a long movie.

Final Four [20]

Mouton is fouled as soon as he receives the ball, but it looked like he might have travelled. Hits the first shot and then the second. 95-88. Boschee shoots the last three, but it misses.

Miles fouls a Maryland player with .1 second remaining. 97-88 Maryland.

Next up Indiana.

Final Four [19]

KU is out of time outs now. Dixon is foulded immediately. 25 seconds left. 90-85. He has missed a couple already tonight. Hits the first though. 91-85. Hits the second. 92-85. Gooden hits a three 92-88, but they call time out and didn’t have any remaining. Dixon will shoot two more 19.8 seconds remaining. Dixon misses the first, but hits the second. 93-88.

16 seconds remaining.  Maryland calls timeout when Dixon gets the ball in the corner and no one fouls him.

Final Four [18]

Blake brings the ball up. KU doubles and Maryland shoots a quick three. Then Miles travels on the other end. Maryland ball.

1:35 to go. Blake has the ball. Maryland looks to Dixon and he converts.

KU turns the ball over.

Blake hits one of two from the line.

Langford falls and hurts his wrist.

Boschee just nailed a deep three. 27 seconds left. 5 point game, but can they get the turnovers they need?

Final Four [17]

Collison misses the first shot. Gets number two. 3:10 remaining. Dixon brings the ball up. Wilcox tosses up a crappy shot. Holden just picked up his fourth.

Maryland is looking like a serious meltdown. Miles is at the line. Misses the first shot, but gets number two. 85-77 2:49 to go. Miles fouls Blake.

Blake nails the first, but misses the second. MIles comes down and misses the a three. Collison socres inside 7 point game 2:20 left.

86-79. Blake misses. 2:13 left. Gets number two 87-79. 87-82 after Boschee nails a 3. HOLY SCHNIKEYS!