Monthly Archives: March 2002

Final Four [16]

I’m definitely rooting for Kansas all the way now. I believe I predicted Maryland for the Championship game, but I hate to see Kansas struggle so much in a game that means so much.

Miles just got another steal (this time against Nicholas) and got fouled. Miles hits the first one. And the second. 3:27 remaining. Blake is back in handling the ball. Misses the shot and Baxter picks up his fifth foul trying to rebound the ball.

Time Out Gary Williams with Kansas at the line. Don’t go away!

Final Four [15]

Miles pokes the ball away and picks up a foul on Blake. That’s his fourth foul. There’s still a little ray of light for KU. Miles hits the first shot and the second. 12 point game with 3:37 to go.

Final Four [14]

I’m frankly shocked at how much the tide has turned. On paper KU seems like a team that should be victimizing the zone that Maryland has fallen back into, but that doesn’t seem to be the case so far. Somewhat surprisingly it doesn’t seem like Roy Williams has really done anything to make any adjustements.

KU scores easily from the out of bounds. 78-63. Dixon misses from the corner. Boschee misses for three and Mouton comes down and scores. 80-63

Dixon hits 3 for a 20 point lead. 83-63 with 20 points left. Maryland 42 points in the paint to 28 from KU.

Langford shoots 1 and 1 makes first misses second.

Wilcox just picked up his fourth foul against Gooden. Gooden completes the 3 point play. Blake misses a 3 pointer Boschee just missed a 15 footer.

4:54 to go and it’s pretty much over the way Kansas is playing now.

Baxter just picked up his fourth foul. Now Hinrich just picked up his fifth foul. Blake misses and KU gets the ball. 85-68 now 85-71 on a Drew Gooden 3. 4 minutes to go.

Final Four [13]

Juan Dixon has 21 points according to Bonnie Bernstein. He just got two more to give Maryland a 10 pt lead.

Kansas narrowly avoids another turnover. KU misses a quick jumper and Maryland rebounds. Maryland pushes the ball upcourt and gets a three point play. Kansas is now down 13.

Hinrich just picked up his fourth foul with a push during a screen.

10 minutes to go, 68-55 Kansas. MD just hit another two. 70-55. Collison scores. I’m starting to feel bad for Kansas. 72-59 with 9 minutes left.

Maryland owns the boards and picks up another tip in. 74-59

Rebound foul on Langford. Mouton hits both free throws.

Collison is at the line now he goes two for two. 78-61 7:30 remaining.

Final Four [12]

Maryland goes zone and Kansas hits a 3 pointer. Blake answers at the other end. 63-55 Maryland.

Holden tries to take the charge, but his yell and flop are ignored. Collison misses and tips the ball out of bounds.