Monthly Archives: April 2002

New Apple Hardware

Holy cow, the eMac has landed. I think this machine is probably a lot better suited for our labs here at work than the new iMac. Plus it’s got a bigger screen. Cool.

Lazy Sunday

Today was a pretty lazy Sunday. I watched a lot of NBA basketball and fiddled around on my computer. Mary and I did get in a nice long evening walk along High Drive again though so I guess it wasn’t entirely lazy.

I also discovered what happens when you improperly connect the jumper cables on a dead battery while I was trying to get my mom’s pick up running again. For some strange reason someone (most likely my dad) had put a large red felt washer on top of the negative contact and I foolishly assumed it was the positive (negative should be black). I thought it seemed a little unusual for the final clamp to spark so much when I connected it, but I ignored it. I knew something was really wrong after the engine still didn’t do anything when I turned the ignition and the cables actually were starting to smoke. A quick inspection after I removed the jumpers (with a hotpad) revealed my mistake. Live and learn.

Great Win For The Mariners

Today’s matchup with the Yankees was a classic pitchers duel. It was awesome to watch the M’s breakup Ted Lilly’s no-hitter in the eighth inning to take the lead and great to see Freddy Garcia finally pitch the way he’s supposed to and go a full 8 innings of shut out ball. Two 1-0 wins this week. Wild.

I don’t know where the Yankees found Lilly, but if he keeps pitching this well Andy Pettitte and Sterling Hitchcock may have a hard time getting back in the rotation. Of course that’s assuming the Yank’s start giving the poor guy some run support. The crazy thing is that Lilly’s record is now 0-2 while his ERA is a mere 1.35!

Breaking Radio

I managed to temporarily break Radio while poking around in its innards, but luckily I was able to track down my error and fix things.

I’ve been examing the rendering code a bit because I ‘m interested in tracking down the code that creates all the annoying <p> tags after double line breaks. I haven’t quite located the offending code yet though.