Monthly Archives: April 2002

Life’s Strange Coincidences

This seems like something out of the movie Magnolia. I just came across a story over at stating that TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes dies in wreck. While I’m not exactly a big TLC or hip-hop fan this news is significant to me on a couple levels:

  • TLC opened for Boyz 2 Men and M.C. Hammer at the first concert I ever attended.
  • I went to said concert with my brother back in the summer of 1992 because my dad won two tickets from a local radio station.
  • My dad won the tickets by answering a payphone at a 7-11 that he just happened to be driving by when a local radio station announced that whoever answered the phone at that location would receive two tickets to the concert.
  • Yesterday, the day Lisa Lopes died, was exactly one year from the day my father died from cancer.

Low Level MacOS X Tip

Apparently MacOS X only allows 256 file descriptors by default and this can be problematic for applications like Zoe that need more. One way I found to get around this problem is to login as root and type unlimit. According to this page this will boost the file descriptor limit up to 10,240 for the current session only.

Update: I don’t think that unlimit command worked, as I experienced the same kind of error in Zoe that I have been. Further investigation is needed obviously.

Playing With Zoe

I started playing with Zoe (think google for all your email) today and it seems pretty clever both in design and practice. I’m really curious to see just what kind of connections start appearing as I import more of my old email into the system. Unfortunately, unless I’m completely missing something (which is entirely possible thanks to the sketchy documentation) I don’t see an obvious way to get your email back out of the system yet.

Chimera Post

I had started to post something about Chimera being fast, beautiful, and standards compliant, but then it crashed. Bummer. It certainly is all of those three things, but buggy and incomplete are two factors that are still part of the usage equation that you may want to weigh at this early stage. If you’re a bleeding-edger like me that’s probably okay.