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Nets Hang On

Nets Hang On This Time

Today’s game was far more satisfying then Saturday’s Nets debacle.

The three charges Jason Kidd took in the fourth quarter were defensive daggers and his play overall was outstanding.

While Kidd isn’t the best shot in the world, I love his passing and defense. I remember watching him in person down at WSU when he was a freshman at Cal and there was one play he made that really sticks out in my mind. I believe Cougar guard Eddie Hill had the ball firmly in hand in the backcourt and was just thinking about turning and bringing the ball upcourt when Kidd darted in and plucked the ball cleanly from his grasp. For most defensive players that play would result in a tie up and a jump ball. You just don’t see that combination of strength and quickness on the basketball court on a regular basis.

I hope both Sacramento and New Jersey end up making it to the finals. I’d love to see Mike Bibby and Jason Kidd go head to head. These guys are my favorite 20-something point guards in the league by far.

Video Game League

Video Game League on the Verge. The Cyberathlete Professional League receives a much-needed $45 million cash infusion, a commitment from Intel and exposure from ESPN. But will anybody watch? [Wired News]

The CPL sounds fairly interesting to me, especially when you consider how realistic games are getting. On the other hand for this to take off I think they need to add some kind of Reality TV aspect so that we get to know the teams and players. In real life professional sports the personalities and emotions of the players really come across on the athletic stage and add to the drama; computer screens and pixels lack that much needed element. If they really want to get people from outside the gaming scene interested they’ve got to find a way to capture the human element.

Snatching Defeat

Watching New Jersey snatch defeat from the jaws of victory today was sickening. I hope the Nets can get things righted by Tuesday because there’s no way they should be losing to the Celtics. In some ways I put the blame on their coach, Byron Scott, because he wasn’t able to get them to execute any semblance of an effective offense out of the three timeouts they took in the final minute. Ultimately the blame falls squarely on the players though as they completely folded in the fourth quarter.