Monthly Archives: June 2002


I’ve been thinking about lawnmowers a lot lately now that I have a yard of my own to take care of. The previous owners of our house left a fairly new mower out in the backyard under a pile of leaves and bushes. I haven’t tried starting it yet, but I’m hopeful that it will run with just a little bit of maintenance. Then assuming I can get it to run decently my next move will be to convert it into a mulching mower. The good news is that if that mower doesn’t work out it sounds like Mary’s parents have an extra Toro we can have.

I haven’t mowed very many lawns in recent years, but I actually enjoy it quite a bit as long as I’m using a mulching mower and don’t have to stop to empty a bag full of grass clippings. Growing up my first weekly paying job was mowing my grandparents’ and parents’ lawns so I’ve handled many a garbage bag full of heavy clippings. Thank goodness for modern lawn care technology.

Move Update

The move is mostly done now and I’m back at work today, but I’m feeling fairly tired at the moment. Time to get productive.

I’m really looking forward to the 4th of July weekend.

Tiring Days

Another long tiring day. This time with basketball games on top of the moving. I go back to work tomorrow though so hopefully I’ll get a good nights sleep.

Incidentally this morning I had a dream about coaching basketball. Craziness. I don’t remember exactly what happened, but I think a couple of my players got into trouble.

Moving Status

The move continues…

Unfortunately there’s still quite a ways to go (and no time for computers).

Busy Days

Busy, busy day. Tomorrow will be even busier though as Mary and I commence our big move. We should have plenty of help, but it’s still going to be exhausting. Well, time to finish packing. Sigh.