Monthly Archives: July 2002

Another Busy Day

Today was another busy day for the Gilman household. Mary and I weed-whacked all the of the borders/flower beds in our backyard into submission this morning and then hauled the byproducts out to the dump this afternoon. Of course we had to pick up another couple loads of Mary’s stuff while we were up north. Thankfully we’re just about done getting all her stuff now. When we arrived back at home we unloaded both pickups and cleaned up my half of the garage. My car finally has a parking space!

Tomorrow’s project: work on office.

Work Annoyances

Work has been seriously annoying at times today. I’m not sure what the maintenance guys have been working on, but they keep setting off the fire alarm in the building for two to three seconds at a time (and sometimes longer). It’s quite obnoxious really and it makes it hard to concentrate.

South Hill Marijuana Bust

Five arraigned in South Hill marijuana case All in 50s and 60s; 4 have high-profile attorneys.

Two defendants — business partners Kathleen Jenny, 58, and Virginia “Ginger” Erickson, 59 — are also accused of conspiracy to launder money.

They are accused of depositing their drug profits in the bank account of an interior decorating company, EJ Designs, they allegedly formed as a front.

Their husbands, Jack Erickson, 66, and Francis “Burly” Jenny, 64, are charged with their wives with conspiracy to manufacture more than 1,000 marijuana plants.

A fifth defendant, Gregory A. Montgomery, 54, is charged with conspiracy to grow more than 1,000 pot plants. Because of previous convictions, Montgomery faces the possibility of life in prison if convicted.

The marijuana-growing charge carries a minimum term of 10 years in prison.

One of the houses used in the operation is just a couple blocks down the street from my house and the bust actually took place during the week Mary and I were moving in.